Privacy policy/

Protection of Personal Information

Privacy policy (hereafter "DBC") collects personal information of our customers to provide our services.
DBC will comply with laws and regulations regarding the proper handling of customers' personal information.

1) Collection of personal information
DBC will collect personal information within the scope necessary for its business operations and by legal and fair means.

2) Using personal information
DBC will use personal information collected from you to the extent necessary for the following purposes. DBC will not use your personal information other than for the following purposes unless prior consent is obtained from you.
(1) To send some documents and/or reply to the inquiries and/or comments
(2) To send deliverables that have been ordered
(3) To provide information regarding DBC's activities

3) Security of personal information
DBC will take necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the security of personal information and will endeavor to prevent loss and/or leakage of personal information.

4) Provision of personal information
When providing all or part of the handling of personal information to third parties, DBC will monitor the parties' concerned to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to protect customers' personal information.

5) Supplying personal information to third parties
DBC will not supply any personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the individual concerned, except as permitted by law.

6) Correcting and disclosing personal information
At the request of a relevant person, DBC will disclose personal information to that person. In this case, if we cannot confirm the identity of the person, we will not disclose the personal information.
In case erroneous contents were included in the disclosed personal information, and the relevant person requests correction, addition and/or deletion, DBC will check the details and will process the requests immediately.
In this case, we will not respond to the request if we cannot confirm the identity of the person.
If you have any inquiries and/or aforementioned requests regarding personal information, please visit the Contact page.