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What I do

Dan Burgess in JapanI specialize in IT related Japanese to English translation as a result of working for several years in the industry as an in-house translator and technical writer at a Japanese software company. In addition to taking part in the localization of numerous Windows PC video games (translating and troubleshooting UI text, and documentation), I also designed several client websites.
More recently, I spent three years at the headquarters of Canon Inc. in Tokyo where I coordinated the production of a variety of English documentation related to digital cameras and printers (including user manuals). See my TRANSLATION page for more information about translation.
Since the fall of 2007 I have been doing freelance translation and website design full-time.
My design experience extends back to Canada where I did magazine and newspaper layout, designed and produced signs, and various other types of design.
Take a look at my PORTFOLIO page for some examples of my "ArchViz" (architectural visualization) design, and some websites I developed.

How did I get here?

Dan Burgess in JapanI grew up in Victoria B.C. on the west coast of Canada. After spending several years practicing martial arts through high-school and college and beyond, I decided to come to Japan in 1992 to study karate, the language, and culture. After a stint teaching English and intensely studying Japanese I got into software localization (translation) and website design which eventually led to my current situation.